Client: Airbnb
Art Direction: M&T

Worked to translate an international study Airbnb conducted of their hosts and guests into an interactive installation and booklet as a way to show employees some of the real life stories emerging from their users. The installation went from horrific experiences to perfect trips as you walked along it, with a sweet spot in the middle. “Perfectly Misaligned” was a term we came up with to describe a trip that contains happy surprises and genuine personal connections. We designed posters and painted murals that depicted various trips ranging from “I accidentally rented my house to a group of meth addicts” to “We left feeling like we had connected with two souls” and everything in between aka “the house had no toilet paper”.

PM_11PM_27PM_14OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPM_26Wonderlabs-Perfectly-Misaligned_San-Francisco_Kim_20160122_0003_RETPm_32Wonderlabs-Perfectly-Misaligned_San-Francisco_Kim_20160210_0012_RETWonderlabs-Install_San-Francisco-CA_Elliott_20160108_0089-copy