Microcosm Book

How might I communicate the idea that, within every finite space or microcosm is an infinite universe of possibilities and inspiration, through the form of a printed book? This is a book entirely about one city block in San Francisco Portrero hill neighborhood and the infinite interesting things that have are and will happen in this limited space of one city block. […]

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Glance Magazine

How might we capture the myriad creative projects happening at an art school through a print magazine in order to promote top student work, and the inherent characteristics of the schools diverse community? This is California College of the Arts biannual magazine for students graduates and parents. I designed it collaboratively with Desirae Rivera and over […]

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Only Ocean CD

How can I design a deluxe eye capturing music package that looks beautiful from a tiny spotify thumbnail to a physical cd package on a shoestring budget. I designed this album artwork for my dear high school friends amazing psych rock band. Its a hand silkscreened vellum sleeve with three different possible disk graphics. It was […]

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This is an Ad

How can I express my interest with the blurring of the line between advertisement’s and art in a fun, quick, adaptable, way? I made these stickers very quickly on a whim, but really deeply enjoy each time I get to put one up. I think in todays social media fueled capitalistic society, everything, every one, and every action, is […]

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The New Times

How can I reveal the hidden messages, unconscious urges, and Zeitgeist of our contemporary society through, deconstructing the “news” it constantly creates? This is an ongoing personal project. Every few weeks I buy the sunday print edition of The New York Times and go through it with a large black marker blacking out parts of headlines to create new statements […]

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