How can we foster constructive dialogue about gentrification between long-term residents and gentrifiers in order to limit displacement and bring divided communities together again?

The issues of gentrification and displacement are very sensitive and complex, however too often we use this as an excuse to avoid talking about the issue or voicing our opinions on it. I created a toolkit anyone anywhere in the world can use to express their own experiences with and thoughts about gentrification. Hopefully this will begin to create a constructive dialogue within individual communities. The toolkit consists of a pdf anyone can download that acts as a structure, method and visual identity, for executing your own projects about gentrification.


To demonstrate the uses of the toolkit I used it to create a zine, posters, flyers, and signs, to promote a community mural painting event I held for my neighbors.

presentation image2presentation image1




This project is ongoing and I’m currently creating a website where you will be able to download the toolkit and learn about the projects it has spawned, as well as identifying activist groups and non profits that could use it to create and activate their own projects related to gentrification.  Updates soon!